Sunday, November 29, 2015

New Sleep Number bed!

Well, oops!  I can’t believe I haven’t blogged in a month!  Last time I posted, I was still in OKC visiting with family and friends.  I am happy to report that I made it back safely in Seattle on Friday, October 23rd. 

As I stated in my last post, I was extremely busy every day I was there and I really ran my body down.  When I got home to Seattle, I pretty much rested and was in bed as much as possible.  It took me a few weeks just to be able to function again. 

Not much has happened the past month because I have been resting so much.  I did manage to get my hair cut and the girls had a spa day as well.

Elsie Mae and Bonnie

They look so much better!

We have managed to make one HUGE upgrade to the RV in the past two weeks.  We finally bought a new mattress!!

Tex and I both have several neck and back problems and have had many surgeries.  We have tried just about every mattress on the market over the years.  Pillow top, Temperpedic, you name it, we have tried it.  The problem is that he needs a soft mattress and I need a firm mattress.  So if a mattress worked for one of us, then the other one was miserable. 

Our current mattress is on the firm side and is quite old, so most nights, Tex has to get up in the middle of the night and move to the couch because it is softer.  The current mattress was also making me hurt as well so neither of us have been getting much sleep since we moved into the RV 1 ½ years ago.  We just couldn’t take any more of this horrible mattress.

The one mattress type that we haven’t tried is a Sleep Number bed.  As you may be aware, each Sleep Number bed is made up of two air chambers, one on each side of the bed, and then it has a foam padding that you lay on top of the air chambers and then you zip all that up inside the cover.  The cheapest Sleep Number bed has no foam padding over the air chambers.  As the models increase in price, the more inches of foam padding you get.  The dual air chambers allow each person to have individualized comfort and support, exactly what we need!

We have talked about buying a Sleep Number bed for several years but two things always held us back.  First was cost and second was the fact that if we hated it, we were stuck with it and that would be a horrible, expensive mistake to make.

So we did a lot of research and also asked all of our friends and family what their thoughts were.  It seems as though you either love the Sleep Number bed or you hate it. 

We did find that the majority of the people that hated it had not tried the bed recently.  They were basing their reviews on many years ago.  We also found that the bed manufacturer makes changes to the bed construction every 2 years and they just recently went through one of their most extensive rebuilds ever.  Due to this, we felt like we couldn’t put as much weight on the negative reviews.  Plus, every one is different and has different needs in terms of bed support so it is very hard to judge what will work for you based on someone else’s experience.

Last week, we saw that Camping World was having a huge sale on Sleep Number beds.  It is by far the lowest price we have ever seen.  However, we were scared to buy a bed on-line, especially since we are so particular due to our health reasons.  So we decided to go to the Sleep Number store in Bellevue, WA to try out the bed and see what we thought.

The salesman was very knowledgeable and very honest. We told him our past history and our health issues and why we were looking at Sleep Number beds.  He had Tex lie down on a bed and inflated and deflated the bed and taught him how to find his perfect “number”.

Tex fell in love with the bed but there was one problem.  The store does not stock the two models that are specifically made for RVs because they do not sell very many of them.  The problem is the fact that the construction and level of foam padding of the Sleep Number RV mattresses are a little different than the normal Sleep Number beds.  The only place to buy the RV specific models is Camping World and they do not have any that you can try out. 

In addition, we cannot have a regular full size Queen bed because our bed platform in the RV is only 77”.  We need a “Short Queen” which length is 75” instead of the normal 80”.  Thankfully, they make the Sleep Number RV mattresses in Short Queen!

The salesman was super helpful and told us where the RV models fell on the pricing level and how much foam padding the two RV models had.  We decided to go for it and came home and ordered the RV Premier model.  This model has 2” of foam padding as opposed to the RV Deluxe model with no foam padding on top of the air chambers.

On Tuesday, Oct 17th, I went to pick up the mattress at Camping World in order to avoid a delivery charge.  It is a 45 minute drive just to get there.  It just so happened to be the day that Seattle had a HUGE storm come through.  I fought 50 mph winds and torrential rain but I made it there and back safely!  I told Tex he owed me big time for putting my life at risk just to get the mattress!

Hard to believe that a Queen size bed is in two boxes!

All the parts except for the foam padding in the next picture

Unfolded the foam padding for it to expand

When Tex got home Tuesday afternoon, we started setting up the bed.  It would have been a simple installation except for the fact that the motor for the air chambers had to be under the platform for our bed so that required we cut out holes large enough for the air hoses and power cord to come through.  The hoses are in the center of the head of the bed so we had to cut a hole in the center of the platform against the RV wall.

Elsie Mae was supervising!

All completed!

Sounds simple enough but each RV is made different and our platform did not have much space between the wall and the bracket that allows the platform to lift.  We had to undo the bracket and cut a long, narrow hole and then to put it back together.

Once that was done, we were able to put the bed together and start inflating the air chambers.  Once the chambers were full, we put the foam padding on top and then zipped it all closed with the cover.   We put our sheets and blankets on and couldn’t wait for bed-time. 

Getting ready to inflate the chambers.  A foam core goes
in between the chambers once filled and then the foam padding on top.

Tex couldn't wait to try it out.
Elsie Mae had to test it too!

I should note that we also kept our 2" memory foam mattress topper and added that to the top of the mattress before we put our sheets on.  The salesman suggested this trick.  He said that it just helps add to the cushioning, just like the more expensive Sleep Number beds.  Why pay more for extra padding if you already have a mattress topper on your current bed?  Saves money!

It has now been 13 days since we installed the bed and I am thrilled to report that we LOVE the bed!!!!!  Certainly wish we had done this a long time ago.  Tex found that his perfect number is 50 and my perfect number is 60, which proves what we have always known.  He needs a softer bed and I need a firmer bed.

If you have been considering a Sleep Number bed, we highly recommend them.  Just since we bought ours, another RVer in our park has ordered one. 

If you have any questions regarding the Sleep Number beds, just leave a comment and I will be happy to answer them for you!

Until next time!