Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Arizona Here We Come - Eventually

Hey everyone!

I am sure you have been sitting on pins and needles waiting for today’s post.  LOL!  I am finally finding the time to sit down and write it. 

One of the wonderful, exciting things we did recently was purchase a yearly lease at a campground in Arizona.  This is where we plan to spend our winter months, at least for the first few years, once Tex retires.

We have several friends from Oklahoma whom we used to travel with when we were all members of a local Good Sam Chapter in OKC.  Several of us are full time RVers now and are no longer members of the Chapter.  These friends are already retired and have spent the past few winters at this same campground and they love it. 

The campground is the Arizonian RV Resort outside of Apache Junction, AZ.  This is the only campground in the area that backs up to BLM land.  Because it has its own access to BLM land, most of the people who stay there all have UTVs of some sort, such as a Polaris Rzr. 

Our friends, along with many other people in the park, go out and ride on trails in the Superstition Mountains during the day and then have a campfire and cookout for dinner somewhere on the trails.  They have a blast and we can’t wait to join them!

Now, you might be asking yourself two questions.  Why purchase an annual lease when we only need a space for the winter and second, why we went ahead and purchased a yearly lease now and not wait until next year?

First of all, when we looked at the pricing for 4 or 5 months in the winter versus the price for a yearly lease, it was only a few hundred dollars difference.  Once we thought about it, it made more sense to go ahead and purchase a yearly lease.  This provides us a place to store our eventual purchase of a Polaris Rzr and its trailer and we can put a shed or other type of structure on the site to store other items or even build a small casita etc.   

Also, buy purchasing an annual lease, this provides us with a spot that we know we can always go to and park, for however long we want to.  Without owning a home, this option provided Tex some comfort that we would always have a spot somewhere to park.

Next, you are probably wondering why we went ahead and purchased an annual lease now.  After all, we can’t leave Seattle until June 2017 so we don’t need anything before the winter of 2017.  This decision was prompted by a call from our friends.  They called us last month and said that several yearly leases had just been purchased around them and that they were being sold like hotcakes.

Purchasing a yearly lease is not as simple as you might think.  For instance, this park has two sections, one for pet owners and one for non-pet owners.  Since we have our two cocker spaniels, we needed in the pet section.  The pet section is a little smaller than the other section.  The park has about 430 total sites. 

It is also complicated by the fact that the person who stayed in a site during the most recent winter has the “right of first refusal”.  This means that if someone wants to purchase a yearly lease, the person who last stayed in that spot has to be contacted to see if they want to purchase it.  If they do, then you can’t buy it.  We didn't care what site we got, we just wanted one, so that helped a bit.  It still took the park a little time to find one that was not already purchased or was released by the previous people who stayed in it.  If we had waited another year, we might not have been able to purchase a site and we didn’t want to take that risk.

So that is part two of our 3 part exciting news!  We are so excited and can’t wait until we can get out on the road and start traveling!  Retirement can’t come soon enough!

Stay tuned for more news in our next post!

~Until next time!

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