Sunday, May 1, 2016

Our House is FOR SALE / SOLD!!

Here it is!  Part 3 of my 3 part series of our exciting news!

To recap, the first amazing news was that Tex was released from the eye doctor on April 13th.  The second great news was that we purchased a yearly lease at the Arizonian RV Resort in Apache Junction, AZ in order to get ready for retirement.

The last and final news is that we officially listed our house for sale on April 2, 2016.  We have not lived in it for 2 years since we are currently stationed in Seattle.  Our daughter and her husband have been living in it since we left in May 2014, with the understanding that they would have to move when we sold the house.

We had not planned an exact time to sell but we definitely needed to do it before Tex retires next year.  We had been watching the market since the Fall of 2015 but because we bought at the height of the recession in 2008, it had not been at a price that we could afford to sell until just recently. 

In March 2015, all of a sudden, the comparables went way up and our realtor said that now was the time to sell.  The oil market, as we all know, has taken a tumble and several OKC area oil companies have had to close and go out of business or scale way back.  Our realtor said it was already affecting houses just above our price point and if we were going to sell, now was the time.  We had to take advantage of this blip in the market.

The only problem was that we had been telling our daughter that we weren’t planning to sell it any time soon due to the market but because the market is so volatile right now, and went up so fast we had to jump right then.  (As it turns out, the market was not high very long and already started turning downward before we got a final contract.)

They were understandably upset but we had to make the decision to do what was best for us.  We are only 1 year away from retirement when our income will drop dramatically and we had to sell now or we might not have been able to sell if we waited until later this year or next year.  We have always put our children’s needs before ours, even with them as adults, but this time, we had to think of ourselves first. 

The house was only on the market for 36 hours before we got a full price offer.  Only problem was that it was contingent on them selling their house that they had just listed that same day.  We accepted the offer but continued to show the house in order to get a better offer.

After multiple showings and several offers that we declined for one reason or another, we finally got an offer from a couple who already have a contract on their house.  They are due to close on May 28th.  The one problem was that they wanted to close on our house on May 28th as well.

That date wouldn’t work because Amanda and James won’t be out by then.  They found a house that they are purchasing but they aren’t due to close on their house until May 18th and weren’t planning to finish their move until May 30th.  We then need a couple of weeks in order to clear out and sell the rest of the things that they are leaving behind.  They are taking most everything we own with them but we will still have some stuff left to deal with.

We finally agreed to a closing date with this new buyer for June 6th.  With our original buyer, we had a closing date of June 30th.  We provided the original buyers with their official notice to remove contingency and they were unable to do so, therefore, the new buyers are the official buyers under contract now.

So now that we have moved up the closing date, we have had to make several adjustments.  We had already made refundable (thank goodness!) airplane tickets for the last two weeks in June so we had to move those to the last two weeks in May instead.  We also had to scramble to find someone to watch the dogs, which took us a few weeks, but we finally found someone that will come to the RV and stay with them.

So there you have it.  There are still many hoops to go through with inspections, appraisals and I will be praying that our buyer’s houses closes on time as well.  Until I actually sign on the dotted line closing on our house, I will be a nervous wreck.  But it is all a part of the process and I have to trust God that he will take care of everything.

Tex and I are so very excited for this next adventure in our lives.  This will be the hardest 12 months ever but it will be so worth it in the end.  We only have one short trip in the RV planned for July and then will start conserving Tex’s leave to use so we can leave Seattle next June and not wait until November.

Hope everyone is having a great Spring so far!  Safe travels!

~Until next time!

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  1. It sounds like selling your house was quite an undertaking. There are so many details and paperwork that has to be done! I have never sold a house, but I am looking to buy some land in the near future and am looking forward to that. I know that it is going to be a big process. Wish me luck!