Campground/RV Park Reviews

Our thoughts on campgrounds and RV Parks where we have stayed.  Listed alphabetically by State.


33022 Van Duyn Rd.
Coburg, OR  97408
Dates of Stay:  Jan 19-20, 2016

Overview:  Actually located in Coburg, just north of Eugene right off the Interstate, but the noise was actually quite minimal.  It is beautifully maintained and staff is very helpful.  The roads in the park are asphalt and very wide and clearly marked.

Site Quality:  The sites are very long and most are pull thru.  They have several back-in sites located next to the pond.  These sites next to the pond are set up with sewer and electric on both sides to allow motorhomes to pull in to view the pond or 5th wheels and trailers to back in and have the view.  The sites are very wide, with lots of green grass in between you and the neighbor.  The picnic tables looked very new.  Each site has a morning paper delivered every day.  The park is adding a few new sites but did not interfere with our stay.

One negative is that there are some very old RVs living here full time.  They actually have at least ½ the sites with full timers.  Most keep their sites clean but there are several RVs that look horrible.  We spoke to the manager who said the RVs have to be 10 years or newer for a monthly site but if they can look at the RV, then they may waive the rule.  Not sure how several of those were approved because they look horrible, with mold on the RV, torn awnings, etc. 

Facilities:  There is a room with a pool table, couch, TV etc., a nicely equipped fitness room and very clean laundry rooms.  It costs $1.50 to wash and $1.50 to dry.  The clubhouse is very spacious and has a large screen TV, fireplace, couches and room to play games etc. 

There is a nicely equipped store but we did have one issue.  We are an active duty U.S. Coast Guard family and they only stocked 4 of the 5 armed services flags.  The even displayed the flags outside on their curb as you drove in to the park, but again, only 4 of the 5 displayed.  They did not have the U.S. Coast Guard flag for sale or displayed as they did the other services.  Another issue was that the U.S. flag flying over the pond was tattered and in shreds.  This is very disrespectful to the flag and to those of us who serve our Country.  I hope that this is corrected soon as we did bring it to their attention.

They have started a new feature called Ducky’s Diner.  It is a trailer on site that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The Grand Opening was the day we left so we weren’t able to try it out. 

Location:  The location is very convenient from I-5.  It is just off the freeway but the noise was not bad at all.  There is a TA Travel Center at the same exit with an RV Wash, which is very cheap and convenient. 

Pet Friendliness:  The park appears to be very pet friendly until you take a closer look.  There is a grassy area set aside at the side of the park for dogs to walk.  They have one small fenced dog park, which is gravel.  It is nicely lit at night and has a bench and trash can but it is a little small and dogs cannot run in this area.  Near the pond is a larger fenced in dog park but it is mainly mud.  It even has a very low area right near the entrance where water ponds in the rain.  It was so full of water, there was no way we could even enter the area.  The rear of the dog park had a little grass but the dog park area was so poorly maintained that we could not use it.  It would not take much dirt to fill in the low area and then either sod it or put gravel in.  Would make the area at least usable because as it is now, it is not usable at all.

Cell Service/Wifi:  The cell service with AT&T was very strong.  Full 5 bars and worked great.  We do not have Verizon so we don’t know how it is.  The park wifi was nonexistent.  We could never connect on our laptops, phones or Ipads.  It was useless.

Overall Rating:  We would give this park 4 out of 5 stars.  If they would improve the dog park area and the wifi, then they would get a full 5 stars.

Extra info:  Coburg is just 5 miles from Eugene and there is lots of restaurants and things to do in the area. 


1881 Dike Road
Woodland, WA  98674
Dates of Stay:  August 19-20, 2015 & January 18, 2016 

Overview:  This is a beautiful park and a Top 100 park from Good Sam.

While it is quite beautiful and right on the river, the rules and office staff are a little off-putting. From the very first phone call to make the reservation to the check in and out, the office staff was quite curt and short, just short of rude.

The rules are HEAVILY enforced when making the reservation on the phone and even more so in person. While I don't have too much problem with the rules, as we always abide by them, the way they are enforced seems a little excessive. They do not mince any words and go over them with a fine tooth comb - all 2 pages of fine print!  She stated that if you even park a tiny hair over the grass line they will make you move.

Also, if you are using any sort of a discount, be sure to state so BEFORE you even give them your name.  If you fail to do so and they start checking you in, then you will not get your discount.  I gave them our name and within 10 seconds she had already charged our credit card.  I asked about the Good Sam discount and she stated that it was too late because I did not state so before I gave her my name.  I contacted Good Sam and they emphatically stated that this was against their rules and that they park HAD to honor the Good Sam rates.

Site Quality: Sites are mainly gravel and have plenty of room for awning to be displayed.  Interior roads are asphalt.  

Facilities:  I can see why this park gets good rates as the amenities and grounds are outstanding. The grass is lush and full and heavily watered even in an extreme drought. Pool area looks nice but it was the winter so it was not open.  The shuffleboard area had low areas where water pooled on the concrete so it was unusable.  The beachfront access and beach is amazing. Firepits are located on the edge of the beach along with several benches.  You can fish from the beach as well.

Location:  Located a few miles east of Highway 5, it still is very easy access to the park.  Park is quiet except for a few planes overhead in the middle of the night.

Pet Friendliness:  First off, don’t even think about your dog barking - even once. They strictly say barking dogs are not allowed on-line and in the printed rules. Now, when do dogs not bark? We don't allow ours to bark because we don't like it either but how can you stop them from completely barking? They also do not state anywhere on line or any of their literature, but they charge $2 a day for 3 dogs or more.

Also, they repeatedly state that dogs cannot be off leash and the leash must be in your hands at all times. HOWEVER, that must not apply to the people who work here as we repeatedly saw someone driving a golf cart on the grass with two dogs in the cart. This person would throw a tennis ball ahead of the cart about 25 feet and then the dogs would jump out and run after the ball, get back in the cart and start over again.

Dogs are allowed on the grassy area in front of the beach, which is vast, open field but they have to be on leash at all times.  There is no fenced in dog area.  They have acres and acres of space and could easily install at least one large dog run which would allow dogs to run off leash.

Cell Service:  Wifi has been upgraded since we were here last and seemed for work fairly well.  Park was half empty though so not sure how it would work if it was overloaded. AT&T Cellular had 4 bars.

Overall Rating:  We would rate this park a 4 out of 5 stars.  This park would be a 5 if they had nice, courteous, welcoming staff and loosened up a bit on the over strict rules.  A dog park would be wonderful as well.

Extra Info:  Rates include up to 4 people. If you have 5 or 6 or any visitors, they are charged a daily use fee. Also, you are only allowed 6 people at any one RV, including registered guests and visitors, including children. I feel sorry for large families who are not allowed to stay here. They also charge for extra vehicles. I do not like places that nickel and dime you to death.

47 Lower Dam Rd.
Port Angeles, WA  98363
Dates of Stay:  July 23 - 30, 2016

Overall this is a nice campground.  It has a lot of tent spaces as well as RV spaces.  It is not a RV park or resort but more of a campground.  It is well located in the Port Angeles/Olympic National Park area and is a great location to use as a base camp for exploring the Olympic peninsula.

Site quality:  Not all sites are equal!  Some are very close together and are just inches from each other such as sites 2 through 18.  Most of the sites in numbers 20 - 37 are full timers.  A few have a clean site but most of them are very trashy and unkempt.  Site 38 is a nice spot for a large rig that is back in and has a nice size grassy area.  Sites 41-52 are pull-thrus for big RVs.  They are gravel sites with a small grassy area.  However, not all are equal here either.  Site 41 is very small as is site 52, both of which are on either end.  The sites with the largest grassy areas start at the top of the hill at number 51 and the grassy area gets smaller with each site down to site 41 with hardly any grassy area at all. 

Across from 41-52 and scattered all throughout the park, are tent spaces.  There are several defined spaces and when those are full, they just let people camp wherever they want in the common spaces.  Someone actually pitched a tent under the volleyball net one night rendering it unusable by anyone wanting to play.

In the back of the park is a placed called RV Storage on their map, but they actually let full timers live back there and also use it for overflow area.  It is made of gravel with no grassy area.  I am not sure if they offer power in that section or not.  I know the owners have plans to upgrade this area in the future and create several large RV sites in this space.

The owners have recently created a new "overflow" section at the front of the park, which is not reflected on their park map.  They have full hookups and are completely gravel with no grassy area.  They are not defined at all so there is the constant issue of people parking too close to each other.  It is a back in only section and super tight.  I know the owners are working to create more defined spaces with shrubbery in the future, which will help greatly.

They also use random spaces to park RVs in an open field.  No hookups and really no rhyme or reason to them.  It appears to be haphazard and brings down the overall appeal of the park.

There is also a 4 bedroom, completely furnished house at the front of the park that they have just finished renovating.  They have not even advertised this house yet as it just became available.  You can rent the house for family reunions, vacations etc. 

Facilities:  The facilities range from great to subpar.  The restrooms and laundry room/kitchenette are newly renovated and are amazing.  They are very clean and nice and are top notch.  There is a TV and small couch and several tables.  There was a jigsaw puzzle on one table for people to sit down and enjoy.

The grounds are not so great.  They advertise a BBQ pavilion, horseshoes, badmitton, volleyball, basketball etc.  I realized when I got there why there are no pictures on their website.  These areas are horrible.  The pavilion is run down and a mess.  It has junk everywhere.  The basketball goal has no net and looks like it is about to fall down.  The horseshoes area is very basic and was not groomed.  There were bocce balls laying everywhere, which were a huge trip hazard.  This area needs to be renovated badly.  It is right as you enter the park and really reflects very bad on the park. 

Location:  This is a great central location.  It is located in the Port Angeles/Olympic National Park area and is a great location to use as a base camp for exploring the Olympic peninsula.

Pet Friendliness:  This is a very pet friendly park.  Dogs must be on leash at all times.  There is no set dog run area or potty area but dogs are allowed anywhere in the park.  The park owners have two horses that are in a field adjacent to the park.  They are very friendly and our dogs loved them.  The owners ride their horses through the park at night.

Cell Service/Wifi:  Verizon service is good.  Usually 3-4 bars.  AT&T is more spotty.  The wifi was down while we were there and there were workers installing new equipment in the park.  We used our own Verizon jetpack and had no problems.

Overall Rating:  We would rate this at 3 ½ stars out of 5.  The site quality and facilities range from great to subpar.  If the park were to renovate the BBQ pavilion and the surrounding area it would greatly improve the usefulness, looks and appeal of that area.  The full-timers that are allowed to junk up their spaces are also a big negative. 

Summary:  This is a nice park in the Port Angeles area.  It was a nice base camp for exploring the Olympic Peninsula, especially if you are a tent camper.  While in the area, we toured through a lot of the other area parks and would probably choose a different park next time.

Extra Info:  The park has new owners as of early 2015.  They are slowly making improvements and hopefully some of the areas listed above will be improved soon. 

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